professional makeup pricesWhy telling a makeup artist, “I just want a price” is DANGEROUS!

 If all you ask is the price, that’s often all an artist will send you. You won’t know the whole list of other services rolled into the price. You might choose the lowest priced talent in the end but not get the best deal. Many perks may come with higher priced artists; they actually could end up costing less when you compare both.

12 reasons brides who chose Colette shout "success!"

1. Full-time Pro

Makeup artistry is a full-time profession for Colette. It has never been part-time work or a hobby; Colette has been continually growing her expert knowledge and practice full-time since her certification 15 years ago.

2. Photographic expert

Colette is trained in makeup for photography. Her keen sense of how product ingredients respond to lighting and flashes helps keep bridal portraits looking perfect.

3. Mixed media maven

Colette is a senior established makeup artist with long-time experience in all media…TV, film, photography and for all types of situations…red carpet  appearances, stage, photoshoots, fitness, sporting events, bridal and prom & more.

4. Airbrush Master

Colette is an airbrush master as one of Canada’s first artists to offer the expert finish to personal clients.

5. Certified

Colette is certified and educated by one of North America’s most popular makeup academies that draws students from around the world and whose grads have gone on to win Emmys and Oscars.

6. No hidden fees

Colette’s bridal services are all-inclusive with no hidden fees or costs added later for extra requests. See price perks on this page for more detail!

7. Flexible low pressure service

Colette’s letter of agreement with brides is not a strict contract. It’s a handshake that is loose enough to adjust when numbers of faces and timings change on the wedding day. Brides never pay for faces that get removed from the schedule last minute or for extra time Colette spends on location from delayed activities. Her low-pressure nature has brides smiling when she offers to hold onto bride’s wedding dates until she gets other requests while the bride researches options and thinks about a trial date.

8. Wedding specialist

Though Colette launched her career in the fashion, TV and commercial industry, she has become a wedding makeup specialist. Her schedule has entertained more than 500 weddings & 1600 wedding faces…all done by Colette alone.

9. Professional

Colette worked in the corporate world for 13 years as a media/marketing consultant before launching her makeup biz. She advised high ranking government and business officials on their marketing, public relations and media strategy and she executed their entire marketing plans. Her attention to customer satisfaction and finesse in handling clients with diplomacy and respect is second to none.

10. Vast galleries!

Colette takes pride in capturing her brides the moment their makeup is done. Not leaving it up to chance that she might get wedding photographer photos, she ensures her own shots are high resolution and filmed with care and a pro camera so that her clients can see even the finest detail in all her work. She can boast of one of the most extensive bridal photo collections in all of Ontario.

11. Personal touch

It’s hard to explain the level of friendship, personal care and “above duty” service that Colette offers each client. As though she were family, she slips into each wedding day with the ease of a caring aunt! Stories of her bringing gingerale and crackers to brides who’ve shared their panic before her arrival, or her clean-up of a bride’s hotel room after the storm of morning beauty, have endeared her famously to all clients.

12. Educated

Colette is highly educated with a university degree, and experience as a college professor teaching media relations and advertising in her former career. She is academic about makeup too; her research approach brims her resume with product knowledge and the most up-to-date know-how on skin care innovations such as anti-aging superstars like retinol, AHA and BHA, vitamin C serums and more.

professional makeup pricesHow to get more out of a “price” chat with your makeup artist

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Weddings are complicated–make your beauty simple
Hire the talent makeup artists choose for their weddings!

Colette’s wedding
makeup prices

 5 or more faces: $150 each

4 faces: $160 each

3 faces: $180 each

2 faces: $200 each

minimum weekend booking: 2 faces
2 junior bridesmaids under 13: free

Weekday-Bride only: $300

Trial Makeup
$250 (2.5 hour appointment)*
*trial fee: $225 if done in Newmarket home studio


Price Perks!

Colette promises benefits
you won’t find anywhere else

* free lipstick touchup kit

* free lip brush

* free airbrush makeup

* free lashes

* no charge for cancelled trials

* no charge for early morning starts

* no charge for parking

* no extra charge for weddings that run late

* no penalty or extra charge for cancelled weddings

* flexible number guarantee–change contract any time

* flexible time guarantee–change start/end times of wedding day makeup any time