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I don’t know a woman who hasn’t stretched across a makeup counter and begun to smile and dream. Colour and texture have this sudden power to stir our emotions drumming up the notion of beauty as energy and strength.

With it’s “mood altering” appeal, makeup has created a nation of addicts. We are drawn non-stop to that sense of high we get when we look our best. And as the line between science and art keeps on blurring, we’ll see products reinventing themselves in their quest to keep us “drugged.” Makeup no longer “covers” the skin the way it did in decades past. Now it IS our skin; and it feeds our skin. As a makeup artist, It is my promise to you to recreate everything that is healthy and beautiful–the beauty we see in a young child.

Makeup has created a nation of addicts

So what do I look for in the products that stock my kit? I want a mixture that will make your cheeks glow, your eyes sparkle, your skin flawless, your lips full and soft, your lashes thick and curly, and your eyes bright, round and huge. I want products that will beg your uniqueness to shine through, whether you see a natural beauty or a glamour goddess that emerges. Makeup is a wonder product that breathes life into us; so we fall  in love with it. As long as cosmetic companies are going to toy with our affections and appeal to our senses to both look good and feel good, we’ll engage in that love affair. And I make sure my clients go a long for the ride.

I once heard it said, “everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.” So I pick up my brush every day to tell a colour story that brings that beauty to life. What I do with that colour has to tell me and the world about my client’s personality, her personal style, fashion sense and lifestyle.

Makeup chair can be war-zone for aging clients

makeup for mature women, makeup for business headshots Toronto & GTA
Makeup chair can be war-zone for aging clients. This article I wrote was originally published in Revive magazine. So popular I've introduced it on my new website. “It’s too cakey.” “I can see my lines.” The list of makeup complaints from 40-plus faces is endless. What doesdon't miss the rest!

Makeup highlighting is out of this world!

kim kardashian highlighting, Kim Kardashian under eye concealing, Kim kardashian contouring
Beauty or Beast? Highlighting begs an answer Maybe it's the Anthropologist in me but I see a tree. I also see a tribal bushman with gaunt eyes whose failed hunting and gathering mission let his hunger down. But I do NOT see a woman in there. Sorrydon't miss the rest!

The best cheap eyeshadow on the planet!

best cheap eyeshadow, wet n wild eyeshadow palettes
Makeup to die for, NOT pay for... W hen I’m carefully plucking my products from my well-kept carry case, I always have eagle eyes watching from all corners of the room…could be brides, could be bridesmaids, female photographers, models—the list is endless when it comes to whodon't miss the rest!
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