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Colette. You are the best. I really mean it. We'd like to take you everywhere. Thanks so much for pitching in and helping me with pretty much everything. It's so nice to work with someone who genuinely cares about people. I mean it!

Julie Bettinelli
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Dearest Colette,

I really mean it. You are a pearl. You can't imagine how much I appreciated the professionalism that you displayed and the way that you prepared every single woman for me. Your work is more than you think it is. You are more than an exceptional make up and hair stylist. What a team player you are. I couldn't have asked for anyone better. What a find! By the way, those are the exact words coming out from Fiona and Eric's mouth. (magazine publishers)

You deserve every penny and more. I really made the right choice by getting in touch with you. Rest assured, all my Toronto shoots will be with you.



Norm Edwards


Let me tell you, she's thrilled with your work and really adores you as a person and would like to have a lifelong relationship with you. According to me, she's never looked better than she did in Toronto and the reactions by the Asian press have been overwhelming. She was complimented by none other than Morgan Freeman--he went up to her and told her she's the  most beautiful woman around, and Fred Spector of CAA (Tom Cruise's agent) also called her and complimented her so congrats. There was never any doubt of your credentials and professionalism in my mind. Govind

Govind Menon
The biggest test of all is that my friends and family have noticed the difference. I bought most of the cosmetics you suggested. Just meeting you saved me tons of money.
Brenda Bogardis

Hi Colette!

I just wanted to thank you for the great party!  The girls had a terrific time.  They said you were "awesome!"  It was neat to hear them telling their parents about the party when they got picked up.  You should have been there!  We hope to use your services again in the near future--Alexis and me!

Thanks so much.

Elaine and Alexis Danyer

Elaine and Alexis Danyer


You'll be happy to know I've totally converted my make up routine to the "Colette Way" and many people have asked me how I do my eye shadow because they'd like to do it that way, too! That was a great session.

Kathryn Peet
I visited your site and I must say that you have done a fabulous job with it and you are very accomplished and creative. Best regards, Michele Burke
Michele Burke


Hello Colette,

Thanks for your great humour, your patience, your wealth of knowledge and your wonderful capacity for teaching.  I love what you taught us and am looking forward to collecting the items that I can't wait to use, to enhance 'my natural beauty' (giggle,giggle).  Truly, we had a wonderful day with you and could not stop singing your praises. Again, it was a pleasure to meet you.  I wish you continued success in your business and lots of great people to work with!

Very sincerely, Eileen

Eileen Rosemond


Colette. I checked out your You are quite an aritst..a multidimensional artist. Your makeup work is beautiful and so is your web design. I wish you all the best and am truly looking foward to meeting a colleague such as yourself. oxox Eve.

Eve Pearl
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You were an absolute pleasure to work with and I thank you so much for being ready and able to cater to the whims of the entire team. We enjoyed having you as part of the team, and although many of us had never met, we can all agree that it was a magical time. It would not have been the same without you – all the very best.

Thank you

Manuela Marcheggiani


Colette. You are the best. Thanks so much for all your help yesterday. We appreciate you staying so late, doing some homework, giving us advice, chatting with us, and thank you for encouraging us as well.

Mystic and Miranda

Dear Colette,

Thank you again for the time you spent with Shari.  You made everything so easy and you couldn't have been any more accommodating than you were.  From the moment I initially contacted you to ask a few questions,  you were so professional and not at all pushy, which was so refreshing and I really appreciated.    You answered all my questions prior to the appointment with Shari, and you were so generous with your time,  both beforehand and at the appointment itself.   You even drove into the city to meet with us,  besides all that,  you did a phenomenal job putting Shari's make up on.  You gave Shari so much wonderful advice and offered great tips regarding her wedding day,  and make up in general,  and it is all very much appreciated.

To anyone reading this,  I would highly recommend Colette, she is an amazing make up artist and a lovely person.   I had no idea what to expect when I first looked on the internet for a makeup artist.   There were other sites and services offered,  however this site really stood out and I am so happy I went with my instinct to hire Colette.   I had a pretty good idea I was hiring the right person from the outstanding communication prior to our appointment ....and how truly interested Colette was in grasping exactly what I wanted to accomplish in regards to her services.   And as it turned out,  due to Colette's extensive knowledge on the subject,  having the session with her surpassed everything I hoped it would be.   I am so happy we had the opportunity to spend some time with Colette.

Donna Porter


Hi Colette
I did really enjoy the lesson. In fact, I went out to get some of the products we worked with today and did my own makeup for a photo shoot that I agreed to do for a technology magazine I write for. I was really excited that I was able to create the look (more or less) on my own and that I have a basic understanding of what works on my face now.
Thanks again for sharing your expertise and for your enthusiasm.


Deena Waisberg


Dear Colette,

May I take the occasion, please, to sincerely thank you once again for your kindness and excellent counsel at your lovely home yesterday.  My homework for the long weekend: to transcribe your good notes for me into a "shopping list" for the various vendors, and to endeavor to replicate my new, improved look.  Really looking forward to putting these helpful instructions to immediate good use. Cheers to you for a most professional and enjoyable session.

Kind regards, Susan Rumbles.

Susan Rumbles



I loved working with you. It felt incredible to be around you. You definitely know how to look at things from a positive perspective and laugh! It is extremely important to me. I learned a lot from you and hope to work with you in the future. Thanks for the great attitude, awesome work and human touch. Love Val.

Val Oustinova