You aren’t 25 and you aren’t 12. So your makeup has to know that. But you aren’t a rock star either; one thick rim of black eyeliner doesn’t equal a gorgeous face! Be done with the do-it-yourself YouTube amateurs.  Let’s be serious–the internet can lead you to all the wrong places when it comes to beauty. But you don’t want to copy your Mom..SORRY MOM!  You CAN get a fresh beautiful face that gets a lot of “retweets” when you post your selfies…for all the right reasons, not because your makeup moment was a disaster. And it will fit with your age and the things you do.


What's under "C" in your contacts? Should be Colette! See her teen makeup below.

Prom makeup

If you can text or call a pro makeup artist who has spent a decade on model photoshoots primping a sea of teens so they can land in magazines, you’re onto something. You can have that kind of makeover!

Makeup parties

Put your BEST selfie forward for:

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Teen selfie makeup

prom makeup Toronto

Find out how you can have your own celebrity style event, party or prom makeover in your home. Call or text Colette now at 905-841-5250 (not long distance from Toronto) or email Want to plan a makeup party? click here!