Does your skin scream “I’m a busy student!”?

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Is your skin cleansing routine an F or an A+? Why you could be getting beauty’s failing grade!

The Lazy wash; studied too long, got too tired. Left the eye makeup on and gave the skin a quick face wipe. But left-on mascara often can dry out lashes and lead to lash fall out. And for shadow, the eye area is most delicate part of face..without cleaning & moisturizing after, the habit will get the better of you: skin will dry and line-up while you are still young.

The attack wash: hot and steamy may be how you like your romance novels but it’s not how to wash your face. Water that is scorching can burst the blood vessels in your skin. Keep it warm only. 

The skim-the-surface cleanse: not washing deep enough? Makeup has gotten better at staying on..the new stuff isn’t called budge proof for nothing! It takes more muscle to get it off. You need to use a makeup remover before you wash. Then you need to exfoliate while you wash with a cleanser..that means using a method that scrapes off the oldest, dead cells that can clog the pores if left behind. 2 ways…1. a physical exfoliant like a great rough wash cloth, or a power vibrating brush head. 2. use a chemical exfoliant in the cleanser you choose. Cleansers that have ingredients that will melt off the dirt and dead cells really chase away the grime. Choose cleansers with salicylic acid – a bacteria killer

The tugger: the harder the better isn’t how to rub the face…over time, a face that’s been through a decade of tough buffing loses it elastic bounce and will sag much earlier than the one on the gal who was gentle when she washed.

The stronger-the-better-wash: Using cleansers with harsh ingredients that irritate is a no no; if it smells great stay away; you want fragrance free.

Some cleansers boast all natural. But natural ingredients like plant materials can be common allergens, such as eucalyptus …so beware of the cleansers that have a lot of “from nature” labels. Citrus is another aggravator.

The stripper move: oily girls always over-wash; they figure the more I do this the more I’ll stay on top of that grease slick I call my face! But the truth is your skin is a control centre; it decides what to let in and what to let out and whether its surface is happy or upset. Too much washing will strip the skin of oils and your face responds by shooting out even more oil to get its PH balance back. Two times a day is enough, even only once at night if you are dry.

The work-out way: sweat is an easy reminder to wash your face after the gym but it’s just as key to do it before. Left-on makeup has a joy ride into the canals of pores that spring open when we sweat; it’s a perfect trap for grime that becomes a pimple later.

The not-crossing-the finish-line cleanse: the perfect cleanse is a 3 step one. After you wash, swiping on a gentle toner (no harsh stuff like alcohol) will soften, repair and calm the skin restoring it to its natural PH; and it will catch any traces of dirt the washing missed. And you could be fooled that your face is silk!

Colette - Makeup Artist Toronto & GTA
Colette is famous for her precise, clean and classic makeup looks that give women red-carpet flaire. She has spent 15 years in the beauty trenches with clients in the US and Canada. Her work has graced the faces of celebrities, Olympians, TV Hosts, musicians, brides, authors and everyday ladies from age 6 to 86. Her former work as a media and marketing consultant called on her celebrated writing skills that she now loves sharing on her website.
Colette - Makeup Artist Toronto & GTA
Colette - Makeup Artist Toronto & GTA
Colette - Makeup Artist Toronto & GTA

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Colette - Makeup Artist Toronto & GTA
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