The essential bridal makeup power lesson

...for new and developing artists

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A re you booking all the brides you want? What price would you put on learning the one look that 90% of brides fall in love with? The reality is that many brides have several pre-wedding makeup trials with different artists. If you book only 1/2 those brides, you must wonder what went wrong. You’ll find out when you sign up for an expert refresher lesson on bridal beauty with Toronto & GTA’s most celebrated wedding makeup expert.

Who should take Colette’s makeup training?

This advanced bridal artist training is for:

professional makeup prices working artists who want more powerful bridal appeal.

professional makeup prices recent makeup school grads who want to learn Colette’s signature
technique that brides flock to.

professional makeup prices artists who’ve taken a break from their careers and want to re-invent
their bridal style & get their foot back into the industry.

professional makeup prices artists who’ve gotten loads of practice on friends, family & coworkers and now want paid clients.

**This bridal makeup training is NOT for beginners who’ve never applied makeup on other faces.**

Finally solve…

  • how to get those darn eyelashes on and make them stay.
  • how to trim lashes the “right” way so they don’t scratch.
  • how to apply concealer that has lasting power yet creamy–not cakey.
  • how to set concealer and skin so clients won’t feel old or full of lines.
  • how to keep the skin perfectly glowing but not turn into an oil slick in an hour.
  • & so much more…

Take home…

  • Colette’s bridal contract.
  • a face-chart template for all makeovers
  • a questionnaire for your bridal trials
  • Colette’s personally collected list of top products that perform best on all skin tones, including African American, East Indian, Asian.
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What you need to book WAY more brides
just got real!

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For the cost of just one wedding booking...

Can’t afford makeup school? Get the next best thing. Five jam-packed hours of one-on-one personalized training with a Toronto master bridal expert and graduate of a world famous elite makeup academy. With 15 years of proven success in fashion, commercial & events, Colette is also bridal business powerhouse.


Your 3-part

  1. step-by-step technique training for a classic look & the bombshell smokey eye.
  2. ongoing product talk PLUS review of your kit.
  3. handouts to rev up your own booking system.
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Where do these training sessions take place?

I host the training in my home studio in Newmarket. This is about 15 minutes north of Richmond Hill and certainly on a go-train line. For those without a car who decide to come by Go-bus or Go Train, I can send a schedule to help you and pick you up at the station when you arrive.

Makeup Artist Toronto Studio

Makeup Studio Newmarket

Do I use my own makeup for this training?

I would like you to bring your makeup. We do review your kit so I can give stocking advice. And I offer access to all of my makeup including my expensive brushes that everyone loves. At $200 for some of these, they are a luxury that has to be tried by any makeup junkie! I do have specific colours & and products that are my “go to” ones for bridal and they always ensure success so I’d like you to see and certainly use them.

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Can I bring my own model?

I encourage you to bring your own model. I have found that when the artist brings a model they have worked with, or a friend or family member, they learn the differences in my technque better. That’s because they are working on a face they’ve worked on before. They are also more relaxed in learning and don’t feel the pressure to be perfect. It’s all very casual and having you control your subject means you bring someone who’ll be honest with you and give really useful feedback.  This makes the experience truly authentic.

What if I have a friend who also wants to learn?

My home studio is set up to fit 2 full director’s height chairs and I have done training for 2 artists at the same time. That would be my limit. I find it useful for the artists because you bounce ideas off each other and ask questions the other hadn’t thought of. You draw even more learning out that way. We would end up taking more time to deal with the individual guidance of each makeover and steps. This session would be 7-8 hours. We’d take a lunch break. The fee per artist would then be $500 each. You both receive the same handouts and we do take time to talk about each kit. That saves you both $150.

Does this training cover airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup training is not part of this 5 hour power session. It is a highly specialized skill and can’t be included in a full-face training session that is less than a full day. We also focus a lot of time on each area of the face with great detail. That means airbrush training wouldn’t be practical. I can answer any questions and discuss it, as I use it all the time for bridal work. You’ll get the best answers on education for airbrushing that you will need.

How do I book this special training with you?

You can just email me at or call 905-841-5250. (not long distance from Toronto). Let me know you’d like to talk about the training. You can send your phone number to call you. These sessions are highly customized. I can focus on the techniques you feel weakest in and we can spend a lot of time discussing what you’d like. We can pick some general tentative dates. As I mentioned above, I want to find some brides who’ll share this experience with us and who’d like to volunteer to model for you. I would need time to scout them.

What are happy artists saying?

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