Host your own makeup party!

Do you and some friends want to go....

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from this….

Toronto makeup parties

to this?

Why leave the remarkable makeovers to people you see in magazines and on TV?

I f you’ve never worn much makeup, a party is a safe place to “dare” yourself for a completely new look. You aren’t attending a wedding or a gala…just lounging in your comfy clothes. In this casual and informal setting, you get to eat, drink, laugh, dance…do whatever you want around the makeup station. The fun has no limits.


You too can enjoy a complete transformation
in your own home or at your group event.

Let the selfies go wild!


3 fun party choices--you pick!

This most popular option of 4 to 5 beauties has friends hooking up all over Toronto and GTA. You or a friend play host. The host and up to 4 ladies get a fab full face makeover. Face #1 gets to play model; the makeover gets slowed down just enough for Colette to share her step-by-step secrets to an amazing best look…like a mini-lesson. Then the other ladies all get their turn in the glam chair choosing any look they love–whatever the mood.

Time: 5 hours
Price: $600

Head count doesn’t matter. The more ladies, the more laughs right? As many people as you can fit into your host space will become a captive audience for a show that doesn’t disappoint! Pick a model from your crowd and let her get in the “hot” seat. You’ll watch in amazement as she slowly and beautifully transforms with the techniques that only Colette is famous for. This casual display is an inviting atmosphere where no questions are crazy and all will get the best answers you’ve ever heard. You’ll come out knowing “what just happened” and how your face can have some of that too!

Time: 5 hours
Price: $600


So maybe it’s a lot of fun to have a pro turn your face into an image you could only picture in your dreams. But where’s the fun without a witness? That’s where your best friend comes in. Selfies are over-rated. This time why not get your BFF to play photographer when you have your makeup moment? A friend audience is a great memory bank for all the steps Colette explains as she goes. While your friend is in the demo chair, you get the chance to soak up every technique long used on models and actors as Colette talks through her detailed makeover. Then you hop in the chair for your makeover. This option is a popular choice for friends going out to a club later or any other spot where they want to make an “entrance.”

Time: 4.5 hours
Price: $520

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Are you worried about your space? 

Colette’s mobile station means that you don’t need any tables, chairs or even lighting for these fun makeovers. She brings it all. 

Colette travels to you


Each makeover offers:

professional makeup prices pro products you can’t find in the stores you shop at now–learn where the best get their “cadillac” professional makeup brands.

professional makeup prices revealed secrets to combat the issues you are still battling–under-eye circles, blemishes, lines, small eyes, smudgy makeup, those darn lashes that won’t go on…& so much more.

professional makeup prices hear about $10 or less treasures in your drugstore that out-perform the high-priced designer cosmetics.

How to book
your party

Call Colette at 905-841-5250 or email to set up a date; NO deposit needed and no questions asked or cost to you if you have to cancel.