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5 tips for perfect Asian makeup

Asian faces…their difference is beautiful & makeup to suit is simple! 5 top tips.

1. Embrace your tone; as tempting as it is to westernize your look with paler skin, be certain that your golden skin tones are the envy of every woman out there. Don’t grab the pink based foundations. Keep it real. Go for olive tones.

2. Asians often have diamond shaped faces with the greatest width across cheeks & temples. By running blush more vertically, you will give your face a narrower balance. If you sweep the blush horizontally across the face, it will appear wider.

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3. I’ve never found that warm shades give life to an Asian face, despite their golden skin tones. Using contrasting plums…in lips, cheeks and even pinks in the eye makeup, will pop your features out. For eyes, navy, greys, purples and browns are beautiful.

4. Because Asian lids protrude rather than sink back with creases, Asians need to avoid putting light colours on the lid that will punch the lid forward and out. Colours like wheat, frosted beiges, light bright golds and silvers will make the eyes look swollen. Medium toned taupes, browns, bronzes, plums and medium and dark greys and navys are best.

5. Lashes are the biggest complaint among Asian beauties. Short lashes that angle down have them struggling to show that they even have lashes. So use the best eyelash curlers on the market, sparing no expense…buy Shu Uemura, found at Sephora. Warm them first with a blow dryer to get extra curl power. Or use false lashes with a lot of weight. I like Ardell #120.

Colette - Makeup Artist Toronto & GTA
Colette is famous for her precise, clean and classic makeup looks that give women red-carpet flaire. She has spent 15 years in the beauty trenches with clients in the US and Canada. Her work has graced the faces of celebrities, Olympians, TV Hosts, musicians, brides, authors and everyday ladies from age 6 to 86. Her former work as a media and marketing consultant called on her celebrated writing skills that she now loves sharing on her website.
Colette - Makeup Artist Toronto & GTA
Colette - Makeup Artist Toronto & GTA
Colette - Makeup Artist Toronto & GTA

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Colette - Makeup Artist Toronto & GTA
Colette is as creative on paper as she is with faces. She is an APEX award winner for her catchy newsletter writing talents among 800 entries worldwide. Beauty publications continue to flock to her for the latest style trends counting on her turn of a phrase to delight and entertain readers.

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