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H aving your own personal makeup artist on call for special events used to be a luxury of the Hollywood élite. But now you can emerge from your own bathroom, as red-carpet worthy as any A-list actress.  Enjoy a pro makeup artist who comes right to you. No more panic over an occasion where your fears include your dress overpowering your face, being the only lady without polish and glam, or having your event outlast your makeup!

Colette’s secret tricks create a face you couldn’t possibly do yourself.

She comes to you for your 1.5 hour makeup application in Toronto or GTA that promises:
makeup that lasts into day 2!
a face that looks like you on your best day, not overdone
a variety of human-hair lashes that showcase your eyes naturally but beautifully
skin that is flawless but real & healthy looking
balanced face including contouring or any reshaping
brows that are perfect in curve and colour, and corrected for missing sections
eyes that are no longer small or uneven in size
eyeshadow that doesn’t budge…no creases, no disappearing act!
mascara for thick, smooth, long lashes..no smudges or clumps
blush just the way you naturally flush…no clown cheeks! And glowing cheek bones that bounce the light perfectly
lips are perfectly shaped with fullness and shades that flatter natural undertones of real lips

Just call to book…NO DEPOSIT needed: 905-841-5250

Toronto special event makeup

Endless events that call for special beauty!

* a dinner party  *holiday celebrations  *proms  *birthday parties  *fitness competitions  *graduations  *bridal and baby showers  *photo sessions  *work meetings  *conferences  *corporate events  *Bar and Bat Mitzvahs  *engagement parties or photos  *1st date hook-up  *skating competition  *dance recital  *auditions  *speaking

Makeup by Colette below!