Celebrity makeup artist Toronto, letter of reference

Celebrities hold out for the best Toronto makeup artists!

Every fall, Toronto is flooded with celebrities who come to wow us with a first glimpse of their latest film creations at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Even before they land, their agents are fast on the phones to local makeup artists. Colette often gets the call. Photographers and promotion companies, who also know what Hollywood does about Colette, keep her number close. For high profile clients who want the ultimate professional with the finesse of a veteran, Colette exceeds their hopes. Her 15 years working with corporations, commercial photoshoots, fashion magazine clients and known personalities has given her the discretion and calm needed for even the most important of faces.


Colette's work on other famous faces

Colette’s former experience as a media & marketing consultant (13 years) advising high ranking government officials and CEO’s, has shaped her steady, decisive and diplomatic approach needed for any A-list celebrity, dignitary or popular personality.