bridesmaid makeup Toronto

Bridal party faces; it’s your stage too!

The Bride is not the only lady who deserves perfect makeup. If you are a bridesmaid, maid of honour or Mom, you are NOT an afterthought. You are not background! You too are in photos, by the bride’s side and on the same stage. Eyes are on you as her side-kick. You want an artist who gets that.

Your makeup shouldn’t be a quick 15-minute face. It needs to photograph beautifully, it needs to last and it needs to ease the bride’s mind, knowing you will all be part of a stunning group look that has harmony but respects each individual’s sense of style! With Colette’s special attention to the entire party, you will all be a jewel in the bride’s beauty crown, just like the ladies in this gallery.

Bridesmaid makeup by Colette

Mother of the bride makeup by Colette