“TOTAL Experience” Bridal Trials:
Toronto & GTA

A wedding makeup trial will stop your panic! You won’t keep asking yourself  “should I go with a cousin who does her own makeup well? Should I find a trained pro or does my best friend really know how to do it? Is the price the most important thing? What will give me the promise of the best result?”

I f you are struggling to choose, it’s not your fault. Too many options and too many people guiding you leaves you dazed. And what’s more confusing is not knowing that there are different levels of artists. onthejobIn an unregulated industry, that means thousands of artists have no formal training, no hygiene know-how and little experience in different media or ranges of client skin-tones. Junior artists, intermediate artists and senior artists are all knocking at your door but you can’t tell the difference. They all have fancy websites. How do you find the one for you?

You can’t be certain you’ve chosen that artist who gets your vision for a wedding day look unless you try out the work. The wedding trial will help you get to know the person and the level of technique behind the services. Is this someone who’ll stress you out on your big day? Or will she make your day feel like a big secure hug?

The moment you meet Colette at your trial, your wedding beauty jitters will disappear. This is the beginning of a friendship that lasts beyond your wedding. You’ve met someone you can turn to for beauty advice anytime, not just for your special event.

Minutes from now you could be on your way to the most gorgeous you’ve ever been and your wedding is the best time to make this beauty dream come true. Just book your trial today.

Your bridal trial offers you...

trials are done at your preferred location! Many artists insist you come to them for a trial. Colette is a 100% mobile service and always travels to you for your convenience. But she also welcomes brides to her in-home studio so you have choice.  

2.5 hours or more. Colette is never on the clock when it comes to getting your makeup right. If you need to try a few more lipsticks, you aren’t rushed to choose and wrap up your session.  

in-depth chat about you, your beauty style, your wedding details, your hubby-to-be, anything you want to share so Colette gets to know you.

 a full makeup application including free airbrush, free lashes, free lipstick sample and lip brush to take with you.  

wedding makeup fears banished! Colette is a known expert with makeup for all skin tones and ethnic cultures; she is famous for rescuing women who’ve never had that “face and neck/body match” success. The trial also promises skin that feels like it can breathe, flawless coverage of blemishes, spots and scars, current red-carpet worthy styles, and a variety of product options for even the most sensitive skin on the planet.

 changes you’d like will always be done at the trial. “Many artists will tell brides they will do the requested makeup fixes on the wedding day so they can end the trial on a tight schedule. Colette never does this. “I want them to walk out with exactly the look, including lashes, that will be their big-day face.”  

detailed notes and face-chart mapped out with your exact look, products and comments you report about your makeup once you see it.  

eyebrow tidy. Your brows are usually the most unfinished part of your every-day look; Colette will fix and reshape and offer guidance for your next salon visit if you regularly get professional brow shaping.  

product secrets are popular at trials and a chance for makeup junkies to get ideas on best eye primers, shine control, blemish cover and more. Colette is always happy to unveil the secret weapons in her kit.

 skin care advice makes a difference to the canvas you’ll bring to the wedding day; Colette’s science background helps her pinpoint exactly how to care for skin, not just for the wedding, but all the time.

 professional quality photos are key when it comes to capturing your trial look. So while it might be quick and easy to shoot your look with her cell phone, Colette knows it’s not the best way to truly show off your final face with complete detail; you can take as many selfies as you like but she will always take high quality photos to send to you by email hours after your trial so you can see how the look really works with regular and flash photography as well as in black and white images.  

scheduling beauty services can be tough. You have to figure out the photographer, the hair people and makeup. Colette will review the details and follow up with a detailed beauty schedule to sync with your other vendors.

 makeup booking security is always on a brides mind; you want to be sure that once you’ve done your trial, you will be guaranteed services. But you don’t want to be pressured on that day either; you may not be ready to confirm your booking at the trial and that’s just fine with Colette. She will hold your date while you consider your look and share it with others. No questions asked. When she gets another request for your date, she will contact you. Then you will get to sign a letter of agreement to secure her services.

 relaxing setting is the best way to describe Colette’s trial experience with her superb professional lighting, all her own tables, chairs and even music for your enjoyment, whether you come to her or she comes to you; she brings everything.

Your wedding makeup WILL match your trial look!

Are you worried that the makeup you loved so much at the trial won’t be repeated? Colette’s most popular comment on weddings days is that the makeup looked exactly like it did at the trial…or even better.

Colette’s promise…
you won’t see
the difference?

 Trial makeup          Wedding day makeup

But if you are a bride who changes her mind on the wedding day…no problem. Colette is flexible and will work with any last minute ideas that mean your look can change too.

Save makeup trial money!

There’s no need to try out several artists. Spend money on just the right one….Colette has a proven track record. And you’ll be able to book your beauty in just 2.5 hours. You’ll leave with relief that you’ve met someone whose easy personality will calm you on your special day; you’ll know she has a knock-out plan for your dream beauty. You will even have pictures from the trial taken in precise corrected lighting that matches your pro photographer’s lens. “You’ll know you’ve found not just an artist but beauty security.”

Do you have to do a makeup trial?

A wedding makeup trial offers you peace of mind. It shows you the gorgeous face you can expect on your wedding day. And it means you can test-drive a look for other wedding-related events such as an engagement photo or shower. But maybe you live out of town or just won’t have time. You can skip this step knowing that many of Colette’s brides have made that choice with thrilling results. The beautiful brides below met Colette for the first time on the wedding day.

Busy beauties who had to bypass the makeup trial!

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