Discover why even Toronto makeup artists
count on Colette for
their own bridal beauty!

* Subtle & natural
* Glamourous
* Retro/vintage
* Smokey….the choice is yours and the look is always
weightless, flawless, blended, and lasting.

Master Bridal Makeup Artist Colette says,
”it’s your right to be picky!”

Do you picture your bridal makeup look with flawless but natural skin, stand-out eyes, perfectly youthful lips and overall beauty that you’d never want to wash off? It would be like walking the red carpet at the Oscars. Imagine the butterflies. Imagine the stares. Your wedding isn’t a prom, and it’s not just a date. It’s your Oscar moment. And it’s the time to let the makeup do the talking.

W e’d all like to live like a famous face and have our own makeup artist follow us around everyday. Since we can’t, the one day we want to look like a beauty winner is on our wedding day. But where to start? What stops you from picking up the phone to call a pro makeup artist to get it right? Maybe you’ve had your makeup done before with ghastly results. Or your friend’s horror stories about makeup gone wrong still ring in your ears. Don’t let your fears rule this important choice. You can’t do it on your own.

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Key signs that your artist is the best choice

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Thousands of artists are clamoring for your attention and booking. But great talent is hard to find. Only a few will offer what you need; start by demanding the basics.

an artist who has made this skill a full-time career and not just a week-end or summer hobby.

an artist who will book only one wedding per day and you get full attention.

an artist who is certified by a school in makeup for photography, hygiene, product science and disease control.

an artist whose photo galleries have close up face shots to show makeup symmetry, skin, and soft blending.

an artist whose work shows mastery in many different cultural backgrounds and skin-tones.

an artist who doesn’t make you work for their attention by filling out online forms with all your wedding details before you even get to speak to anyone (who is hiring whom?).

an artist with before & after photos that show fixes: under-eye circles, aging/lines, acne & other corrective issues.

Talented, well-trained, experienced artists book up quickly–even a year in advance. Start calling or emailing now. You can make your choice later, but don’t wait.

Don’t let bad beauty be your wedding crasher!
Avoid these 3 makeup artist hiring mistakes

1. The friendly advisor! Friends are great but when they tell you that you really have to hire the same artist they used, you need to be cautious. Every one has different tastes. If you only have their word for it and the artist doesn’t have a business website with loads of photos to study, you could be heading for disappointment. Do your homework on any referrals.

2. The money grab! Never deposit money to an artist before your trial. Thousands of brides every week are losing their wedding day deposits because when trial makeup doesn’t meet their standards they don’t get the deposit back.  Look for a flexible artist who will hold your date while you arrange a trial time. The point of a trial is to decide if you want to book. You shouldn’t pay money before then. (*You may be required to deposit before your trial if you don’t plan to do a trial for more than 3 months, but still want the date held. Then it’s fair for an artist to expect a deposit. But if you’ll be doing a trial within weeks, expect some artist patience.)

3. Empty pockets! Going for the budget Toronto bridal artist. In a talent-based industry, the pricier the artist, the more in demand and the more experienced they are. And the more exceptional services they should offer. If you choose the lowest rates in talent, you’ll get less for your look.

5 most requested
bridal looks
makeup by Colette

Natural and glowing Shimmery bronze Dark smokey Soft neutrals Classic red lip

Make sure you see your favourite looks in your artist’s portfolio.

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