The best Toronto makeup artist for demanding faces!

Turning 17 years of practise
into perfection on your face

After graduating from Toronto’s best makeup academy 17 years ago,  freelance professional makeup artist, Colette Cormier, made a name in the fashion and commercial fields. As an industry trailblazer she was one of the first Canadian artists to spring airbrush technology from TV makeup studios into photo-shoots for the high-definition lenses. But she may be more celebrated for how she introduced this game-changing finish to everyday faces and brides all over Ontario

With such commercial & personal client success, Colette’s eye and savvy are in demand by beauties of all ages. And new and developing artists, not just in Toronto but worldwide, seek her business advice. As a known mentor, she continues to motivate budding artists to launch their makeup careers. She coaches them and personal clients on fine-tuning makeup artistry skills, through personal makeup lessons and training sessions in Toronto and GTA.

As a former media and marketing consultant, this award-winning writer has also become a staple contributor in the pages of magazines and on blogs for her lively interviews on all things beauty.

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How this top makeup artist

came to bring Hollywood

beauty to everyday clients

makeuppricebulletAfter a speedy career launch out of makeup school, Colette’s brand soars when fashion photographers count on her precise and creative work.

makeuppricebulletColette’s beauty and fashion shoots hit international publication fame.

makeuppricebulletThousands of new and developing artists worldwide set their sights on Colette for training and career advice.

makeuppricebulletAs Colette’s gift as a multi-cultural makeup artist shines, she becomes the go-to artist for everyday ethnic beauties and celebrities such as Bollywood superstar Mallika Sherawat.

makeuppricebulletNational beauty magazines and newspapers quickly spot Colette’s writing and media expertise and jump to fill pages with her images, articles and interviews.

If the world trusts her….YOU can! Out-of-country clients book meeting…what is it that they know?

makeuppricebulletTV comes calling for expert makeup in programs airing Canada-wide, and the US-Oxygen network, NBC & more.

makeuppricebulletHigh def video producers & digital photographers flock to Colette as one of the few artists trained to meet the high definition film makeup demands.

makeuppricebulletLancome ranks Colette among top 20 elite artist’s in Canada.

makeuppricebulletColette is one of the first Canadian artists to offer both commercial and personal clients the groundbreaking airbrush makeup system.

makeuppricebulletBook publishers bring beauty to their covers with Colette’s talents.

makeuppricebulletPerformers, actors & models line up for face-time with the pro now famous for her photo-perfect looks.

makeuppricebulletBig corporations like TD bank & law firms build events around Colette’s beauty services.

makeuppricebulletStealing headlines in the makeup industry leads big name cosmetics corporations such as Proctor & Gamble to hire this award-winning writer to pen scripts for major international marketing campaigns.

makeuppricebulletTop New York ad agency wins major Revlon account leaning on Colette’s marketing consultation.

makeuppricebulletLimperts Academy of Design, Dublin, Ireland takes note of Colette’s portfolio and mark it as the prototype for fashion forward teachings in classrooms.

makeuppricebulletEntertainment agents catch her wordsmith talents in action, and recruit Colette to write Hollywood Entertainment Lawyer Darrell Miller’s promotional biography.

makeuppricebulletColette’s reputation for photo-perfect classic looks sparks thousands of brides and personal clients to sign up a whole year in advance for event makeovers that offer red carpet results.


C olette is certified by Toronto’s top makeup school known for its famous graduates. This elite academy produces artists who continue to reign as the first talent that magazines, film producers, celebrities and brides turn to. The exquisitely trained makeovers are executed with precision and under high standards of hygiene and product performance knowledge. But that’s not all... You are in protective hands with Colette; she worked for 8 years as a writer/media consultant for a public health department. Her expert know-how on communicable disease control means you are getting a makeover by an absolute perfectionist about hygiene standards, offering you the safest makeover on the planet! And her university education and experience as a college professor give her an academic approach to the research and science behind products that touch your face.