Can your eyes
spot anything?

Gasps, shock, amazement. That’s what happens when people see before-and-after photos of celebrities. Those pics are quick reminders that we are all pretty common-looking people. Faces have the same parts. It’s the job of a great makeup artist to shape those parts to perfect the images that bounce back at us in our mirrors. When done with attention to the finest details, this remodeling, whether simple, or more glamourous, will take our breath away. That’s what brides want on their special day. Does your artist know how to get you there? With a little detective work, you can easily be certain by spying on the before-and-after sections of portfolios and MORE.

Even the smallest techniques
pop out in an AFTER shot!

WHAT ARE THEY? Below download your own special wedding makeup checklist. Discover a never-before breakdown of tricks only top makeup artists use to master the most photo-worthy faces.

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before and after Mother of the bride photos

Long lasting wedding makeup
through rain

through sleet

through snow!

A 15 minute face might be fine at the cosmetic counter when it’s all about choosing colours. But the “staying power” of your makeup will only win your heart later when cutting your cake or polishing off speeches. Who wants a melting face stealing their thoughts? Colette confesses to spending more time than most artists getting you ready on the wedding day. But her waterproof lid bases, never-budge concealers and sealing eyeliners are what have her brides joking about wearing their makeup for days!

getting ready on wedding day in Toronto