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Need a talent just as creative with a pen as a makeup brush?

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C olette is a celebrated “wordsmith” who doesn’t reserve her communication talents for her makeup fans alone; as a former media/marketing/PR consultant, and award-winning writer, she is sought after by magazines, cosmetic companies, and beauty book publishers. With attention-stealing writing, she helps them reach out and grab women with messages that drive their ultimate style choices.

I f you are an editor, marketing director, product launch specialist or communications manager, you need to find ways to sell messages to women. You can’t miss the chance to hire an expert like Colette who has been immersed in the beauty business for 15 years, yet spent 13 years in your shoes before as writer and strategist.

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Breakthrough writing that became the talk of a decade!

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A s a media & marketing consultant for a public health agency, Colette soared into popularity with her creative antics that got all the health departments in Ontario talking…soon she was on the provincial tour to other organizations sharing her creative marketing and writing strategies that shot her department into regional fame. Then other professionals came knocking and Colette quickly found herself conducting full day media and writing training for groups such as Ontario Dietitians Association, Provincial Epidemiologists, Doctors and others. But she was never too busy to stop and enjoy the accolades for her successes when they poured in…She celebrated an Apex Award of Excellence from an international communications group that advises publishing, PR and marketing professionals on how to make their writing and communications shine. This 25-year tradition of honouring the best writers around the globe ensures that only the top entries make it to the judges. In a year that saw 840 entries for her newsletter category, Colette’s writing stood out, garnering her the coveted award for writing, creativity and excellence among a tough worldwide field of communications pros.

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Colette’s writing sparkles as L.A. entertainment attorney, Darrell Miller turns to her for a bio that “sings” in his marketing materials & touring promos.



As a managing partner of Los Angeles-based firm Miller and Pliakas, Darrell. D. Miller Esquire is known as a trailblazer in transactional entertainment and business law, who turns entertainers into brands. Miller has earned the confidence of Hollywood’s elite directors, actors, writers, producers, and industry executives as the expert to rely on for quality legal counsel with a personal touch. The trusted legal voice he gives to the entertainment industry helps seal extraordinary deals and ensures that his client marketing opportunities are highly diversified. Miller’s reputation for negotiating multi-million dollar promotional deals continues to draw clients of Academy, Emmy and Grammy-winning status.

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After New York ad agency leans on Colette to consult on beauty & target market, they beat out 8 other agencies, winning the prestigious Revlon account. Below Colette’s funny bone shows as she pinpoints her take on key female audience groups.

Excerpt from her report to Kaplan Thaler Group:

…3 key customer shopping personalities I’ve discovered

  • Time-strapped Moms and busy executives who’d rather eat mud than read a blush label; they want to save time, and energy, and want products that are fast and easy-to-use. They are always in a hurry and can be lured by “gifts-with-purchase” because they figure the gift could possibly be something that they need and wouldn’t have to make a second trip later to buy. These people, though busy, exhibit a strange fascination in learning everything about the product and knowing what the ingredients are going to do for them and hope they’ll do what the company promises. But more important is they won’t damage the planet by prying opening the bottle.
  • Next are those concerned with trends: they want the newest and most fashion forward stuff and even better if the product is actually called “STUFF.” It’s just cool. If their friend has it, they’ll buy it (but only if they can’t find a way to steal if from the friend.) These are usually the teens.
  • Finally there are the customers who have one foot in reality and the other on its way to an overpriced makeup school…people like me who love the sensual experience of the product. We are easy to spot at makeup counters and shelves because we don’t care if there aren’t testers. We’ll rip open the packages. We HAVE to run our hands over the product and feel the silkiness of eye-shadows & blushes. We sniff, touch, gouge, rub and test for color on different parts of our body. We want to see how intense the color is, whether it’s opaque, whether it’s sheer, how much pigment will stick.
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Proctor & Gamble commissioned Colette to write scripts for a major international department store beauty event.

This is a sample of the script for the sales associate: Exerpt

When customer stops at table:

Presenter explains:  “This beauty event is your chance to discover the best-kept secrets in luxury products without a luxury price tag.  [store name] is a leader in bringing you the innovations that answer your beauty concerns. You may be tired of sifting through magazine articles and ads and still not knowing what’s really best for you to use.”

Question to customer: “Is this how you feel?”

Customer Answer: “Yes.”

Presenter: “You’ll be glad to know that [store name] has done the research for you. And today they announce that products are always re-inventing themselves with you in mind. You’ll find it hard to walk away without exploring the most talked-about products.”

If customer says NO:

Presenter: “Then you are one of the lucky people and may know a lot about beauty already. So you will really appreciate today’s event. [store name] knows that products are always re-inventing themselves with you in mind. You’ll find it hard to walk away without exploring the most talked-about goodies.”

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Colette’s media/marketing position was the first of its kind in an Ontario public health department and she carved out the job description. Originally hired on contract to promote heart health, her value was quickly noted when the public buzz about what that health agency was up to went through the roof. She outlined the good she could do in transforming typical medical language for the average joe to understand, if they kept her, and that’s exactly what they did. In a short 2 years, the agency’s recognition sored from 5 % of the community knowing about their work, to 70 % knowing (stats canada survey). Much was thanks to the media and marketing drive or “overdrive” Colette was becoming famous for. Below is just a quick sample of one of the newsletters that the public learned to depend on.


The Screen Scene–does catching cancer early make a difference?

If we were to believe that screening tests help us beat cancer before it gets out of the starting gate, we’d break out the champagne. But the fight against cancer isn’t a race. And many people who find themselves in one of the running lanes quickly discover that learning about cancer early doesn’t guarantee a longer life. So why all the hoopla about screening? Because it can save lives. We just need to keep in mind the true value of screening and it’s drawbacks.

Colette’s been “schooled!”


Writing training includes:

Advanced Writing and Editing, Indiana University
Measuring & Evaluating Your Communications, by Lou Williams
Social Marketing, American Marketing Association
How to Write, Design & Edit Newsletters, International Assoc. Of Business Communicators
Generating Positive Media, by Ed Shiller

Supersized applause for Colette's work!

makeuppricebullet "Through humour and creativity, she stimulates us all to think and produce beyond capability."

Sandra Horney
Director of resource services, Simcoe County District Health unit

makeuppricebullet "This newsletter is open, readable, positive--you are doing a lot on a limited budget."

Kelly Sheard
Director of Corporate Communications, Canada Life

makeuppricebullet "My impression is that this is a great place to work. I'd like to work some place where I"d get such a newsletter."

Brian O'Brien
Editor, Canadian Banker, on Colette's company newsletter

makeuppricebullet "Extremely high quality work. The Toronto Star commented on the quality of news releases." "Always goes beyond where she could stop with an idea or project."

Kathy Brush
Former director resouce services, Simcoe County District Health Unit

makeuppricebullet "Colette, you should be teaching this course."

Ed Shiller
Author, On Managing Media, quotes from seminar Colette attended
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When words get in your way, Colette can move them!

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Do you need a world class editor/writer for a project? Or maybe your message is already written but it’s missing pizzazz. Colette can polish it for you. Just email your project summary to to receive your quote for a change that will magically transform your messages.