red blushAirbrush makeup will supercharge
your bridal beauty!

C hoose an airbrush makeup master who will let the stunning performance of airbrush technology do it all for you. Why? Because airbrush systems turn an “okay” face into a photographer’s dream. Airbrush makeup photographs like no Airbrush makeup Artist Torontoother foundation. It’s hands-down the choice for a flawless face that will stand up to still pro photos, video shooting, selfies and the off-guard shots your guests will sneak up and snap. And don’t forget your live look! If you want the skin to breathe, to glow, to look effortless and natural, yet resist the meltdown of heat, sweat, dancing, and kissing, you will want an airbrush finish.

Where did this miracle finish come from?

Airbrush makeup has been the secret of TV and film actors for many years. It took the high definition craze to push it into hands of everyday women who want their face to be perfect under the spotlight of lens’ that show up every little spot, mark or scar on the skin.

Colette’s airbrush makeup in action

Turned off of airbrush makeup?

Are rumors getting the best of you?

Staggering numbers of brides have been rushing to Colette for years for her extraordinary finesse with the airbrush systems. But dozens of brides still confess to airbrush fears. That’s because true makeup disasters do occur when you have an untrained artist or a formula that isn’t a top performer. The complaints range from it being cakey, heavy, not lasting, poorly matching and peeling off. Airbrush technology does call for special training and a lot of experience with different skin types and skin tones. The artist has to understand how the client’s skin behaves and know the science of the products that prime the skin even before the airbrush goes on. Not all artists have the same know-how or practice time that can earn a bride’s confidence.

At the same time this breakthrough finish was only being used for TV and film personalities, Colette became one of the first Canadian artists to offer it to personal clients. After expert training from the New York system developers, she quickly started amazing all her corporate and bridal clients with its flawless but natural finish. Transformations can be remarkable as seen in her before and after makeovers.

Everything you ever wanted to know! Airbrush FAQ

What is airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is a liquid makeup that is designed to spray through a small gun using the force of an air compressor. The spray comes out as a fine mist that you can barely see but covers the face with a veil of even skin-toned shade to blur any imperfections.

What kind of airbrush makeup do you use?

I’ve been using the Kett Cosmetics airbrush system (New York) since I started offering the finish. They designed this formula with the special eye of film, TV and photography experts guiding them. CNN news anchors have counted on this system for years since high definition filming threatened to show off all their bumps, scars, and spots.

Is your airbrush like the ones they sell for me to use on myself?

Excellent question. The many systems that are sold for every day consumers won’t have the “bells and whistles”on them to help you fine-tune your spraying. I find those tend to spray heavy and hard..I’d watch the walls and curtains behind you! They are harder to figure out the amount of pull back pressure on the gun that is gentle enough for a natural spray. The pro systems have dials to be able to change the air pressure for a range of spray suited to a face or whole body. If you are attempting to use the consumer ones, you could feel like you are sandblasting your face! This is my professional opinion based on using both types.

Does airbrush makeup last better?

Yes your airbrush application will take you from 5 am to beyond midnight. Many of my clients confess to wearing their makeup for a second day! When this foundation is properly applied and set with the right finishing powders and/or sprays, you won’t have a worry about rubbing off even on your hottest August day.

I have sensitive skin. Will airbrush makeup be a problem?

Kett foundations have no scent or alcohol; they are waterbased with glycerin to hydrate, silica to absorb excess oils, and are completely blendable, breathable and irritation-free. They are used on celebrities and film actors who have to be in their makeup for 16 hour days. The film companies can’t risk using a product that won’t be kind to 100% of the cast when they are on set. And because the airbrush gun is used to spray the makeup on, no hands have to touch the face; hygiene is 100%.

Isn't airbrush heavier than regular makeup?

The weight of airbrush makeup is probably its most misunderstood feature. In fact, only tiny amounts of the liquid are used…about 4-5 drops. That may not even amount to 1/10th of what we use when we pick up a bottle of regular foundation. Most clients exclaim, “I can’t believe how light it feels. I don’t feel like I’m wearing anything!”

Does airbrush makeup cost more?

I don’t charge any more to clients for a makeup application when I use airbrush instead of traditional makeup, although most artists do. The airbrush formula itself really doesn’t cost much more; and then we actually use much less of it than regular makeup. Yes, you do need special training and experience to apply this, but I believe that in the current market, all pro artists should be trained on this system, making it part of regular makeup services.

What if the power goes out when I'm getting ready?

Anything can happen on a wedding day right? If the compressor and motor can’t be used to spray this foundation, the formula I use can actually be applied and blended easily with a sponge for an amazing finish. I have some private lesson clients who’ve bought the foundation to apply everyday. Not all airbrush formulas are blendable without the machine.

Do I need touchups?

The only touchups you will need will be for lips, and I supply that.

Do I have to choose airbrush for my wedding?

You don’t have to wear airbrush makeup. I have other formulas in both liquid and cream that have a beautiful finish in photos also. Just be sure that your face makeup has no SPF in it so that your face won’t flash out white and ashy in photos. Most mass market brands create that problem so you want to be sure you are still getting a professional grade formula.


Why do many artists not offer airbrush?

In my experience I’ve found that many artists haven’t branched out to work in different media such as TV, magazines, fashion shows and other jobs that call for makeup to suit filming and photographic equipment; so they may not stock an airbrush system. For them, working with personal clients has only demanded mass market brands in the past. Also the airbrush systems are the most expensive makeup to carry (the compressor, not the makeup); and you need added training to learn how to use them well. But I insist that private clients get the best makeup in the industry-the finish that photographers adore.

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