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If you ask the right people “who is the best makeup artist in Toronto?” it wouldn’t be long before Colette’s name pops up. She tops the leader-board in the beauty business & has been crowned one of the elite wedding makeup artists; her talents pass even the toughest groom approval tests, time and time again!  With her expert eye and soft airbrush makeup touch, she offers you winning Hollywood red-carpet looks seen on famous faces…not just for weddings, but ALL EVENTS!

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W hy do thousands of Ontario women choose Colette when they want a makeup application? She has makeup pedigree! Colette took the professional makeup artist business by storm more than a decade ago. Photographers swiftly applauded her techniques; her demand skyrocketed as models, actors, TV producers, musicians, advertisers and corporations hunted for Toronto makeup artists to add polish to their projects. Toronto & GTA brides quickly came calling. They admired her work in fashion, lifestyle & bridal magazines in Canada and the U.S. Her talents also graced book covers, CD jackets, celebrities at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and weddings all over Ontario. Colette’s keen eye masters faces from age 6 to 86.  Her work stands up to any lens and lighting. And her specialized talent sets her apart as brides’ first choice among makeup artists in Toronto & GTA.

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professional makeup prices Thank you so much for make up lasted all day Saturday AND Sunday so that was a bonus. 🙂 Although I had wedding jitters the morning of, seeing you in the morning of calmed my nerves because I knew I was in great hands. My mom and the bridal party all loved your work!!!!'  Thanks for being so awesome and having fabulous talent that you can share with so many people.
Ashley DeFreitas

professional makeup prices It was an absolute honor working with you for one of the biggest days in my life. I am glad that you had the opportunity to meet my wedding party and share this experience with us all. I will never be able to thank you enough for your hard work that day. Your work is simply amazing. More importantly, you made my Mom look and feel great and that was very important to me.

Crystal Clark

professional makeup prices I cannot thank you enough for your make-up application both on the trial day and especially the day of my wedding. You were a life saver and my make-up was not only gorgeous, but it lasted all night long! You made me feel beautiful on the outside, which is what helped me relax and be able to enjoy the entire day and evening. I wish I could have had a chance to say goodbye properly, as you really did help to calm my nerves and jitters that morning.  I am confident any bride would be thrilled to have you by their side!

I'd have to say- my only regret is that the day is over and my beautiful make-up is long since gone. I wish I could have worn that make up forever!! I will definitely use you again!
Thanks and much love!!

Erin Dowkes

professional makeup prices I just wanted to thank you again for doing such a wonderful job...definitely one of the best things we did for the wedding.  All the pictures turned out beautiful thanks to you!  I will definitely be recommending your services to anyone I know getting married.

Heidi Nemeth

professional makeup prices Believe me when I tell you that the time with you was the best part of my day on my wedding day! LOL

Jess Sheppard
makeup artist and bridal client

professional makeup prices You did an amazing job!!! All of the girls and my mom looked absolutely beautiful.  We got so many compliments all night! I really can't thank you enough.  We had a photobooth at the wedding and every time I went in I was expecting to look like a hot mess, but my makeup looked flawless all night long.

Joanna Miller
professional makeup prices I wanted to thank you for the OUTSTANDING job you did on my makeup. You captured me exactly; you totally got my vision and made me still look like myself, just the best version of me. Thank you for being so patient with me on the day of and leading up to the wedding with my million eyelash concerns and for reworking your schedule to help me out. Although it took me a few makeup artists to get to you, it always works out in the end for the best.
Thank you for being so calm the day of the wedding (which kept me calm), for making me feel pampered, and for your warm wishes for a happy marriage. I am amazed by your talent and I could feel the warmth of your personality. Certainly, in the future, whenever I need my makeup done, I know who to call!
Olivia Naftolin

professional makeup prices THANK YOU so much for my beautiful makeup and for all of your help on what was a crazy day with the weather - you were the best!

Sara Bennison

professional makeup prices You did such a fantastic job at my wedding! I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting through such a busy morning with such grace and patience! You are an artist,…no…you are a magician! You are the most amazing makeup artist that simply creates flawless beauty with your skills! But you are so much more. You are an amazing friend and true makeup mentor!

Sara Sharifpoor

professional makeup prices Colette, we LOVED working with you!! You pulled my crazy ideas out of my head and somehow made them reality! I will definitely recommend you to all our friends:)) thank you for your warm wishes and for sharing your talent with me and my mother on one of the most important days of my life!!!

Yonit Nisan
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